www.talktosonic.com: Sonic Drive-In is the most popular restaurant in the USA. A huge public visits this place every day for their delicious food. People want a variety of food items that are available in Sonic Drive-In restaurant. In order to satisfy their customers need for the variety of food which becomes a challenge for Sonic Drive-In restaurant. To know the opinion of their customers they are conducting customer satisfaction survey that makes them know the customer point of view about the food items easily. Nowadays people’s need for fast foods have been increased. Since the need is increased for fast food Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurant achieved a special place for its delicious and wide variety of new food items they are providing to their customers. By taking part in the survey the customers can raise their questions and also they can appreciate the service of the restaurant which makes the Sonic Derive-In store to be satisfied with what they are doing and also it helps them to rectify their mistakes and make their customer feel happy and comfortable.


Sonic Drive-In, is commonly known as Sonic. Sonic is an American fast-food restaurant chain in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was established at June 18, 1953, by Troy Smith under the name as Top Hat Drive-In. Troy Smith founded the company in Shawnee, Oklahoma at the age of 64 years old. Sonic Drive-In store has 3,500 stores in America. The headquarters of Sonic Drive-In Restaurant is located at Oklahoma City. The stocks trades of Sonic Drive-In stores on NASDAQ is represented by the symbol SONIC. Around the year 2016, the revenues of the company obtained to $100 million with net income reached $18 million. The Sonic Drive-In Restaurant has the food items like hamburger, French fries, onion rings, corn dogs, chilli dogs and breakfast toaster sandwiches, soft drinks, slushes, milkshakes, ice cream desserts including sundaes and banana splits.



In this survey, customers are given a chance to share the opinion about the staff’s behavior and their service towards them. If you take part in this survey, you are helping the Sonic Drive-In restaurant to improve their products and services. To participate in this survey you need certain elements which are given below:

  • A PC, laptop, or a smartphone with a good display screen and internet connection.
  • You need to have the valid purchase receipt from Sonic Drive-In Restaurant which will be given after payment for your purchase is completed. This receipt is valid only for 14 days from the day of purchase. The survey invitation code acts as an ID number that can be found on the bottom of the receipt. This code is used to take part in the survey.
  • You should be aware of any one of the languages like English or Spanish.


  • Open the internet browser on your device.
  • Enter the official website talktosonic.com in the search bar.
  • Click the official website.
  • Select the language either English or Spanish.
  • Type the ID number (invitation code) in the blank field of talktosonic survey home page. You can see this ID number as a 12-Digit number series on your receipt.
  • Click the ‘Start’ option to start the survey.
  • At last, answer the questions which are asked in the surveying process. The questions depend on the experience of your recent visit and answer the questions honestly.
  • Then, give your contact details and click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Write the validation code which is displayed on the screen and this code is used to redeem Route 44 drinks as a reward. This validation code has the validity period of 60 days before that redeem your reward.



One can participate in the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant survey by using the official website www.talktosonic.com. Those who do this survey will be provided with FREE Route 44 as a reward. Sonic allows the cup sizes like small, medium, large and Route 44. This reward conveys us to pick up a 44-oz drink at Sonic Restaurant and enjoy it along with 2 or 3 people. In order to enjoy this free drink as a reward, you need to purchase from the Sonic Drive-In stores and redeem the coupon to enjoy foundation drink or iced tea on your next visit to the store. This restaurant has skating carhops as employees to serve food to their customers using the roller skates.


If you have any queries and suggestions about the food items, you can directly come to contact with the customer care service team by the following ways:

  • By phone or by sending the fax, you can easily contact the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant Customer Care Service Team.

Phone number: (+1) 405-225-5000.

                   Fax number: (+1) 405-280-7696.

  • You can also contact the Sonic Drive-In restaurant customer care service team by sending the letters to the following address. Sonic Drive-In, 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104, The United States.

This post gives you the complete information about Sonic Derive-In Restaurant and its survey to win the reward. If you have any doubts regarding this article you can ask it through the comments. Thank you for reading this article.


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